Mother Godde—A Ritual of Lament

A journey into pain and loss through the eyes of the divine, which explores the concept of divinity as undeniably feminine and as a grief-stricken parent. This exploration of heartbreak is illustrated by a lone figure performing a solitary ritual in the barren desert.

Level Ground Film Festival 2014 Official Selection

Featuring Tanja David
Music: Scott Arany, Britta K & Rainbow Underhill
Wardrobe Design: Amanda Bear
Makeup Design: Heather Dappolonia
Director & Photographer: H. Leslie Foster II
Producers: H. Leslie Foster II & Scott Arany

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Interim Ignis—A Ritual of Cleansing

A dance of divine identity and action in this strange and beautiful rite of cleansing. Godde separate from Godde is inevitably, magnetically pulled back into union and embrace. Two dancers and a drummer meet within an isolated, abandoned warehouse space to perform a fiery ritual.

Music: Scott Arany
Choreography: Angelina Prendergast
Wardrobe Design: Amanda Bear
Camera Operator: Kathryn Brillhart
Fire Effects Tech: Charis Danger
Director & Photographer: H. Leslie Foster II
Producers: Scott Arany & Heather Dappolonia

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In pre-production

Rituals of hope, rest and feasting are currently in production, with a shoot date of late September.

Production Photos


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